We all face different challenges on the road of life

Are you tired of repeating patterns that only lead to sadness or guilt?

Are you ready to begin healing from the pain of your past?

Are you ready to set new goals that are specific, measurable and achievable?

When are you going to stop justifying living the life you don’t want?

Lose the excuses, take that first step to a new and EMPOWERED you!


What is the Amber Road Workshop?

The Amber Road Workshop is an inspiring 3-day training with Gary Izzo, Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Timeline Therapy, and Mental Emotional Release® (MER).  During this event, you will learn how to resolve the past, let go of your baggage, and get to know what’s truly most important to you. Then, set your goal to getting there.


The Amber Road Workshop enables you to:

Get in touch with – and better manage your emotions

Overcome baggage by letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs

Learn what is important to you by revealing your deepest values

Change old bad habits into resourceful new behaviors

Create an action plan for achieving your goals

Discover your life's purpose and follow your specific destiny

Empower your life!


Amber Road Workshop is a special weekend where we introduce a process that transforms the way you think.

It helps you remove the blocks that prevent you from doing, having, or changing what you want in your relationships, as well as any area of your life.

Limiting beliefs and conflicting values can be eliminated, affording you the ability to make new choices about yourself and your life.

When you walk out of this training you’ll have the tools to create instant and lasting change in your life. Dramatically and measurably improve your finances, relationships, career prospects and help your family and friends create the changes they also desire.

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Our Four Themes

Perception is Projection

Discover the language of the Unconscious Mind. Learn how our perceptions are filtered to create an internal representation of our external experience. Realize that our words do not describe the world we live in, but rather, they determine the world we live in.


Explore the process of how we attach negative emotions and limiting beliefs to our memories and create the emotional and cognitive roadblocks that derail us from our desired outcomes. Practice verified techniques for making permanent change.

Life Path Awareness

Find your Motive Force through an examination of your actions and choices. New techniques will unlock your core self and reveal your specific destiny. Build a new past that will align you with your passion and bring you forward on a path of true happiness.

Responsibility for Change

Learn to leave behind your reasons and focus on results. Shift your perceptions, be in control of your outcomes, and banish the victim inside you. Utilize a powerful set of tools to create specific, measurable, and achievable goals.

A Program for Real Change

October 19th – 21st, 2018

The techniques you will learn have helped thousands experience a richer sense of happiness, love, and mental and emotional freedom. These techniques are not hard to grasp. All you need is the desire to improve your relationships, your career, and your life. Wherever you are today, fabulously successful or living within your means, this program will help you get rid of any known or unknown blockages, set higher goals than you thought possible, and then show you how to manifest them.

It’s time to take control of your life and do the things you have always wanted to do by joining us on the Amber Road.

REGISTER NOW at a special discount off the regular price of $595, if you act now you’ll save $300 and pay just $295 per person!  Use this with our usual “Bring a Friend” discount and save even more when you register for two, just $199 per ticket!  

Register More About What We Offer

How much will it cost you if you don’t learn these tools?

Your Health

Your Happiness


Time and Money


The list goes on...

How much longer are you willing to wait to live the life you’ve always wanted? Step toward the life you want NOW!
Crush the fear of failure and take action by registering for the Amber Road Weekend.


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Happy Customers

“I highly recommend this man’s training!”

Alex Orthwein

“Go. Just go and learn and marvel at what you can do.”

Charles Murray

“Here's another great workshop. This one from one of my favorite teachers. Gary is an inspired and inspirational teacher. All you SUNY New Paltz alumni in NYC - run don't walk!”

Lauren Bone Noble

“I learned so much from this man. You should, too. Get to know Gary Izzo.”

Donna Kay Yarborough


We’d love to hear from you!  If you have comments or questions about the Amber Road Workshop empowerment weekends, or Amber Road Wellness therapies, send us a message.


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